Georgia in photos: the Roswell Mill

By Anna Streetman

signROSWELL, Ga. — The Roswell Mill at Vickery Creek is a popular tourism spot in Roswell, Ga. The area features a covered bridge, a waterfall, and the ruins of a mill. The mill is one of many different mills that once populated the area. On Feb. 8, 2016, it is as thriving as ever.

bridgeThe scenic covered bridge is a popular location for taking photos for special occasions. The bridge has been rebuilt and restored from its original state. The river below it connects to the Chattahoochee River trail system.


The area features over four miles of hiking trails. The trails are marked and form a complete loop around the river. The area is pet friendly, and is considered a hike for people of all fitness levels.


Ruins of the old mill can be seen along the trail. This mill is one of many that once populated the area. It mainly produced cotton textiles, but it also produced wool and flour at one point. The mill was once called “the largest cotton mill in North Georgia.”


In addition to the ruins, the area features signs explaining how the mills worked. Each mill featured pulleys, gears, and leather belts that worked together to form textiles from raw materials.


The trail features a large dam/waterfall. This waterfall was created when the river was dammed to create more waterpower to fuel the mills.

cliff.jpg Today, the waterfall is a popular site for swimming and recreation.


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