Burlesque In Atlanta

By, Bishop Nesby


Akosua Wiafe (center) and the performers at Vintage Romance Sunday Feb. 14, 2016. This photo was taken Feb. 14, 2106 (Bishop Nesby/JEM Capstone)

ATLANTA. – Love was in the air Sunday as over 40 people, couples and singles alike, gathered at the Warren City Club to witness Minette Magnifique’s Vintage Romance: A Valentine’s Burlesque Revue.

Voted Best Burlesque Troupe by Creative Loafing in 2013, Vintage Romance featured four dancers each with their own unique style, as well as live song performances including an Etta James cover.

Upon arrival, guests received a stamp on the wrist as well as a raffle tickets. The bar had a relatively decent menu offering a small variety of beers, wines and spirits. However, though there were no cocktails, the bartenders were friendly and willing to make some upon request.

The show began with an opening number from dancer and performer Josephine la Boheme before going into the opening act with performers Vivien Ley and Carmen Corazon. Closing out the first act was Clara Toris.

Upon the end of the first act, there was an intermission, where raffle tickets were handed out. The head mistress began asking the audience to purchase more tickets, while the audience bought more drinks and went to the rest room.

The second act began with in the same format. However, the order was reversed. Performer Carmen Corazon fell during her performance, and the audience supported her applauding her willingness to continue performing.

The evening ended with prizes being handed out the raffle winners. These prizes included a bottler of Merlot, a corset, gift cards and a poster paying homage to the television series “Portlandia”.

Akosua Wiafe, 22, enjoyed the show stating that it was more tasteful than she initially had expected.

“That was my first Time at a burlesque show in general,” Wiafe said. “I found it to be a really great experience. It wasn’t completely overboard with nudity or anything like that. It was amusing and enjoyable to watch.”

Candasse Marie and Jen Ballos both expressed their enjoyment with the show and even posted pictures from the event on the event’s Facebook page.

“That show filled me with infinite, warm fuzzies,” Marie said.

“Thanks, everyone for a great Valentine’s Day! You ladies were amazing,” Ballos said.”

According to the show’s promoter Kellyn Willey, both the 6:30 pm and 9:30 pm shows sold out.

“Wow ATLiens!” Willey said.  “2 sold out shows in 1 night! Thank you for all the love & support. We couldn’t have done it without all of you. And a very special thank you to my girls for creating such a magical show together.”

For more information on Minette Magnifique, visit their website www.iheartminette.com or like them on Facebook for future updates.




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