Local wine market gives back to charities

Marietta Wine Market, located in the historic Marietta Square on Saturday, Feb. 13, 2016. (photo by: Emily Girdler) 

By: Emily Girdler

KENNESAW, Ga– The Marietta Wine Market hosted a champagne tasting event Saturday afternoon in order to honor the American Heart Association and Go Red Marietta during American Heart Health Month.

Randal and Karen Heard, owners of the Marietta Wine Market, decided to give back to two organizations this week in order to bring awareness to American Heart Health Month. They hosted a champagne and chocolate tasting event in store with the proceeds from the admissions going to two organizations that were supporting heart health for the month. The also offered the participants with more information on how to get involved with the AHA and their annual Heart Ball.

All patrons who came in Saturday for the wine tasting event paid a $15 cover charge when they walked in the door, and were given a free vino champagne glass as well as a souvenir wine charm to take with them. From there the participants were walked through the five different champagne selections as well as directed towards the different chocolate and hors d’oeuvres offered.

“We opened in May of 2005 and we have done wine tastings every Wednesday and every Saturday since then, and they have always been for different charities,” said Owner Randal Heard.

Heard explained that it was super easy to get a charity in to host an event there.

The five champagne selections for the tasting event at the Marietta Wine Market on Saturday, Feb. 13, 2016 (photo by: Emily Girdler) 

The people in charge of the charity just have to give the store a call and they can find a date and schedule that works well for the event. After the event is over the Marietta Wine Market subtracts the price of the wine used and writes a check to the charity for the rest.



After the event had begun and many participants were on to testing the third or fourth champagne, Megan Herndon, the American Heart Association’s event specialist gave a speech thanking the Marietta Wine Market for their continuous support for the organization.

Herndon spoke about a major fundraising event, the 35th annual Heart Ball that is coming up on March 5, 2016. This prestigious black-tie social event hosts more than 500 attendees from the medical and corporate arenas, as well as community leaders. The Marietta Wine Market donates a wine tasting party for 20 people valued at $500 to the Heart Ball auction every year.

“We are so appreciative of the Marietta Wine Market’s support and many contributions throughout the years,” said Herndon. “The Marietta Wine Market has been a great supporter for many years, and by contributing to the AHA they have found a worthwhile way for their business to expand brand awareness, distinguish their business as a good neighbor in the community and help save lives in our city.”

Another person who also enjoyed herself and the contributions made by the Marietta Wine Market was Becca Tanner, 23-year-old Marietta resident. Tanner, who experienced her first wine tasting event on Saturday, was quite surprised with how much she enjoyed herself.

“This is my first wine tasting event and I’m actually having a great time,” Tanner said. “I have never attended a wine tasting event like this before because I wasn’t sure how the environment would be, especially for someone as young as me, but overall I’m loving it in here! I know for a fact that I will be back for more wine tasting events in the future and hope to show my support for different charities and organizations in the community by doing so.”

For more information on the Marietta Wine Market, visit the shop located in the historic Marietta Square, or online at http://www.MariettaWineMarket.com .


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