Universoul Circus brings Diversity to Atlanta

Published by: Oluwatosin Adedayo

ATLANTA-The Universoul Circus is not like any ordinary circus. The circus goes above and beyond by creating a culture based performances for the audience.  The circus contains performers from all over the world presenting cultural dances, tricks, and animal tricks.  Performers come from China, The Caribbean, Cuba and more.

The Universoul Circus has been around for 23 years. They have performed in China, South Africa, Ethiopia and many more countries.  Universoul Circus spells universal with “soul” to give them a feel of the difference between universal and universoul.


Families come together every year to see the circus and their cultural performances. Janae Ellis is a frequent visitor of the circus. Once the circus came to town, she was in line ready to order her tickets along with her 8-month old daughter. Ellis has been attending the circus for about 3 to 4 years now.  Ellis first heard about the circus from a commercial, then a newspaper advertisement, and also the radio. She attended the circus when they visited savannah, Ga, since then it has been her mission to attend the circus every year.  She enjoys the cultural experiences she receives from attending the circus. “I came this year because of my daughter,” said Ellis “I want her to experience it.”

The circus creates a family bond for her  Ellis said. She enjoys the Universoul Circus than regular circus. “This circus is just more diverse, more ethnicity, and more families everywhere,” said Ellis. This will not be her last time attending the circus. She plans on going every year once they are in town.

The circus has a wide range of off-stage workers that also come from around the world. Nthabiseng Porota is a South African native and joined the circus team two years ago. She first heard about the circus when they came to her home town in South Africa. “They came to South Africa in 2013 to celebrate with us shortly after the death of Nelson Mandela,” said Porota.

Porota joined the team because she enjoys traveling and being able to meet different people as well as learning different languages.

Although Porota said this is her first circus, she also said she knows this is probably one of the best circus because of the cultural performances as well as the interactions between the performers and the audience.


The circus is not only bringing entertainment for the adults, it also brings entertainment for the children. 8-year-old Olivia Walker along with her mother Teresa Walker, came to experience the Universoul Circus for the first time. They have visited circus practices but never anything like this. The previous circus they visited was not as diverse as this one according to previous Universoul audiences’  she has spoken to.

Olivia said she is looking forward to the clowns and animals that will be performing. Teresa said she is more excited to see the racial differences that everyone has been raving about. “I want to see how their costumes look and what all the hype is about,” Teresa said. “I’m probably more excited than she is.”

The Carnival comes around once a year to showcase their soul cultural dances. They plan on coming back to Atlanta in 2017!


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