Atlanta’s First Juice Bar

By Kimi Frazier

ATLANTA- There is a new revolution taking over, one that is promising freshness in its purest form. Just as there have been trends in beauty or fashion there are also trends in health. What once started off in the form of smoothie cleanses, has slowly lead to a world of juicing, a world that has become the latest fad in and around Atlanta.

“I believe that fresh juice is a key to good health, and I wanted to share this with the people close to me,” said Arden Zinn, founder and creator of Arden’s Garden.

Arden’s Garden is an Atlanta family-owned juice and smoothie manufacturer that uses a cold pressed juicing system to make their products.

Arden Zinn began making fresh juices out of her home nearly two decades ago. It was 1992 when Zinn decided to buy her first juicer and started making juices. After a few years Zinn decided to try and sell her juice when someone gave her the idea of going to local salons for extra cash.

It was a recipe for success. While going around Atlanta and selling her product, within a month or two the Zinn family had a devoted customer clientele in salons all over Atlanta. And in 1995, Arden’s Garden was born.

The Juicing Revolution

Cold-pressed juicing means to extract and strip natural juice from the fresh fruits and vegetables through a feeding chamber by crushing pounds of ingredients. The juice then purees and separates the juices from the vegetable or fruit. The outcome is a drink containing most of the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients in a vegetables and fruits.

“I’ve always been a healthy person since I can’t drink caffeine. In college it was easy to go to the juice bar and get a energizing drink,” said University of North Carolina alumni, Nicole Henderson. “But, six years ago looking for a juice bar was like searching for a needle in a haystack.”

Henderson grew up in Atlanta and has since moved back after graduation. Being only 14-years-old when she was in involved in an accident, she has since been limited on her consumption of caffeine and processed sugar. Henderson said,

“I think juice bars can help people with health problems like I have or even help to just get people back on a healthy track.”

Since Americans are paying more attention to what goes into their bodies and concerned with getting the nutrients they need, juice bars are becoming increasingly popular.

Jay McGee, a local Atlanta personal trainer, has been juicing with Arden’s Garden for three years. He said, “Juicing allows the body to easily absorb nutrients, which I need when training and also what I recommend to my clients.”

Arden’s Garden juice and smoothie selections. (JEM Capstone/ Kimi Frazier)

The Juicing Experience

Malena Perez, manager of East Pointe location, said:

“It doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult, if they make that commitment to themselves. Sometimes we get to see a whole process of someone turning around from being on a lot of different medications to having little medication with small dietary changes”

Perez is a certified nutritionist and is a believer in Arden’s Garden concept that making juice maximizes health benefits. According to Perez an ounce of wheat grass has as much nutritional content as almost three pounds of organic produce.

Veronica Abbote, manager of the Monroe store, explains how her views have since working at Arden’s Garden:

“I am a lot more conscious of what I’m eating, where its coming form and how it’s handled and processed. It’s made making healthier food choices a lot easier and having it here and accessible it makes it so much easier.”

Juicing Exposure

 Today Arden’s Garden has expanded to over 10 locations across Atlanta and is distributed in five states across the Southeast as well as online nationwide. Although several local new juice bars have opened in the past year, Arden’s Garden is Atlanta’s first juice shop.

Leslie Zinn, daughter of Arden and current CEO of Arden’s Garden, said she feels as though she’s keeping alive her mother’s dream of helping people be their healthy best.

Leslie has plans to expand the juice shop beyond its Atlanta roots. She stated that she believes they have found a formula for success that can help people in cities in New York, Chicago and Washington D.C. live healthier lifestyles too.

Zinn’s main goal is to allow people to see how fresh juice can improve health and to share that information with everyone. She states on her website that people may drink the juice because of the taste but that her real happiness comes from knowing all the health benefits that are associated with it.



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