Atlanta Food Truck Park

By Emily Girdler

Al Such, Damita Glaude, Anna Streetman and Branden Camp contributed to this story

ATLANTA — The food truck business is booming in Atlanta today. Although there are multiple food truck parks in the Atlanta area, the largest is The Atlanta Food Truck Park, off Howell Mill Road. At any given time, the park has up to 15 food trucks on site ready to serve the eager customers waiting outside.

One food truck owner, Caroline, has been catering to Atlanta’s food truck scene for many years. Originally starting off as a catering business, My Way Café has since turned into a food truck with hopes of that leading to a restaurant in the future.

This popular food truck serves a variety of food focusing on barbeque that is all homemade. Some of their top sellers include the homemade brisket, mac and cheese, baked beans, hamburgers, and sausages. Caroline does all of the cooking herself at her church, on top of balancing her other job as a nurse at Piedmont Hospital.

While many food trucks start off as an idea to make money, Caroline started her food truck for a completely different reason.

“We got started in the food truck industry for many reasons,” said Caroline. “We like to cook, our food is good, and every time we have people come to the house to eat they always eat everything or they take food to go.”

My Way Café has enjoyed great success over the past couple of months with the hard work and dedication of the staff, as well as the fact that they can pick up and move their truck anywhere they want to.

“We travel all over the place, just yesterday we were at a track meet and it went really good,” said Caroline. “We go to schools, parties, apartment complexes, catering events, and even graduations. It’s a lot of work, but we really love it.”


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