Atlanta Food Truck Scene Showcases Variety of Vehicles

By: Al Such (with Damita Glaude, Branden Camp, Emily Girdler and Anna Streetman)

ATLANTA – In Atlanta, the food truck scene is booming.  With food truck festivals, events and a permanent food truck park in the center of the city, a variety of food-vendor vehicles can be seen showing off increasingly flashy wraps and giving off mouthwatering aromas.

The Atlanta Food Truck park and Market on Howell Mill Road is home to a variety of food trucks offering a multitude of goods out of a multitude of different vehicles on April 17, 2016. The park is open every weekend during the afternoon and evening. (JEM Capstone/Al Such)
Food trailers such as these lack a motor, and as such cannot be piloted independently. Other vehicles had to pull these mobile eateries to the park on April 17, 2016. (JEM Capstone/Al Such)
Many food trucks feature fold-away conveniences such as counters and awnings that protect the food truck while it is in motion. Independent food trailers like the ones at the park on April 17, 2016 require generators and other infrastructure access in order to power their components. (JEM Capstone/Al Such)
Food trucks such as the My Way café move independently and include an internal grill as well as external features like a glass display case and a hand sanitizer dispenser. Although on April 17, 2016, My Way Café was one of the largest trucks in the park, some restaurants utilize even larger “Bustaurants,” where diners can step inside double-decker buses to sit down with their meals, according to (JEM Capstone/Al Such)
Many food trucks feature “wraps,” which are full-size truck covers which display designs, logos and contact information to promote the truck itself, such as the B2 Street Eats truck in the park on April 17, 2016. According to the Boston Food Truck Blog, wraps are the most common design features food truck owners use. (JEM Capstone/Al Such)
The My Way Café used a truck wrap as well as two sandwich signs to promote the company on April 17, 2016. This family owned restaurant is run by an Atlanta nurse and her husband. (JEM Capstone/Al Such)
Dishes such as this macaroni and cheese purchased from the My Way Café on April 17, 2016 may be made of individual ingredients that are prepared off-site and stored. Later, they are ready for assembly and heating at the food truck park, where boiling noodles may be time consuming or even dangerous. (JEM Capstone/Al Such)
Sugar Rush and Grill sold burgers and other American fare as well as cotton candy which revolved around a spike on April 17, 2016. Many food trucks in the park used external attention-grabbers such as sandwich board menus. (JEM Capstone/Al Such)
As lines began to form around different food trucks, cooks rushed to get every order out on April 17, 2016. Food trailers such as the Sea Raven trailer have many of the capabilities of a food truck, but they lack their own means of propulsion. (JEM Capstone/Al Such)
The Atlanta Food Truck Park and Market allows many types of food vendor vehicle though its gates, such as the standard food truck, the food trailer and even smaller food carts such as those used by ice pop vendor King of Pops, according to the park’s website. The park featured trucks and trailers on April 17, 2016. (JEM Capstone/Al Such)



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