Food Trucks: Fad or Lasting Trend?

By Emily Girdler

Al Such, Damita Glaude, Anna Streetman and Branden Camp contributed to this story

ATLANTA—- Food Trucks are on the rise in America today. From tacos to seafood to hamburgers, you can get it all at food trucks. In 2014 Atlanta fell into seventh place with the most food trucks by population count while Orlando, Florida came in first place. The rise of food trucks has also created TV shows and food items related to the food being sold on the trucks.

Food Network has been running a competition over the last six years called The Great Food Truck Race. In this competition seven food trucks compete against each other in different cities in hopes of winning the grand prize of $50,000.

Food companies of all types have been picking up on the food truck fad. Hot Pockets launched a series of different items in March 2016 inspired by food truck dishes. Some of those items include Fiery Jalapeno Lime Chicken rollers, Smokin’ Bacon BBQ Burger bites, Triple Cheesy Bacon Melt bites, and even Spicy Asian Style Beef rollers.

Wise potato chips have also been using food truck flavors and ideas to sell their products. The company now has two new flavor of chips under the category “Food Truck Favorites.” Those new flavors are Beef Barbacoa Tacos, which was inspired by the North East of the Border food truck in Boston, and Loaded Chili Cheese Dog which was inspired by Papaya King Truck in NYC.

Marcus Chatman, owner of Chit Chat Snacks food truck in Rome, Georgia just opened his first food truck with hopes of it becoming as successful as some of the other well established trucks.

“My food truck serves sausages and fries,” said Chatman. “We are just really trying to keep the menu simple because everybody gotta eat.”

Chatman believes that the hardest part about having and operating a successful food truck is finding a good location where people will want to come out to as well as keeping relatively reasonable prices for the food.

“A food truck is novelty, just like going to the fair,” said Chatman. “At the fair you always expect higher prices, just like people should with the prices of the food on food trucks.

According to the National Restaurant Association, it is predicted by 2017 that the food truck industry will have blossomed completely and will be bringing in a total of 2.7 billion dollars in revenue.


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