Video News Report: Rock Stone Mountain Creates Unrest at Park




Opening to the news story

News music playing

Protester John Estes speaking to reporter.

Followed by opening Title

We are a nonpartisan group of individuals expressing our freedom of speech.

Fade-in of Gabriel Ramos in the newsroom.

That was John Estes Speaking today on behalf of Rock Stone Mountain, a white heritage group. Thank you for tuning to channel 10 I’m Gabriel Ramos. Rock Stone Mountain held a rally at Stone Mountain Park in what they said was an exercise of first amendment rights on behalf of white culture. The rally drew a large amount of protesters, media and first responders and we were on the scene.

B-Roll of people protesting the Rock Stone Mountain Rally.

VO: Dozens of protesters spoke out against Rock Stone Mountain, the white culture activists, at Stone Mountain Park. The protesters created problems for the park itself which was forced to shut down its attractions.

Cut to Ramos interviewing State Park PIO John Bankhead.

Bankhead: It started with this Rock Stone Mountain Group which filed for a permit to rally and given the first amendment issue we tried to stop it but we couldn’t legally do it. When word of that protest broke out we had a number of counter protests permits applied for- two were approved- and there was another group that didn’t even file a permit. We have been following them on social media and other web-related sites and their plan was to stop this. They sent out news releases saying they were gonna flat out stop it and that’s what we’re trying to deal with today to try and keep the groups separated.

Cut to B-Roll

VO: The Park was in full anticipation of violent outbursts and called in the Georgia State Patrol and Department of Corrections to assist local police in keeping the peace. In addition, local fire and EMS were present to handle other emergencies. However, law enforcement was not present to keep peace with Rock Stone Mountain but with protesters who strongly opposed the group’s perceived racism. A sentiment some protesters insist isn’t there.

John Estes, Rock Stone Mountain representative, answering to protesters.

I’d like to see our culture preserved. I passed two streets named Martin Luther King on the way here this morning and a national monument to Martin Luther King and no one is saying to burn his name off of there and erase it and to put a Confederate flag on top of Martin Luther King Blvd because its only right, it would be diversity. But there are people who want this sandblasted and they want his statue here on top of the mountain. This is one of the few Confederate monuments left. This is a Confederate museum this whole park. Let’s not lose sight of that.



Cut to B-roll

VO: Throughout the morning tensions between races continued to boil over. In some cases they actually did.

Bankhead VO: there have been nine arrests so far. Three of those arrested in addition to the mask law violation were an obstruction related charge. They have been taken to DeKalb County Jail.


Cut to John Estes

There are families out here. It took a great act of courage to come out here and speak up against that [reference to group of protesters], they are threatening to kill us. If they could get down here to us they would kill us.

Cut to B-Roll


Although Estes said he felt threatened by the mob of protesters some, like this gentleman who argued with one of our black reporters, felt more open to conflict. The Department of Corrections stood ready to handle any problems. Despite the fighting and the yelling however, some insisted on as peaceful as an approach as possible.


Cut to Miles Terrel a peaceful protester.

We came up against a few Confederate Protesters and we had a few conversations with them and realized that not all of them are actually racist. They have actually been through some things and seen some things we haven’t. We saw both sides of the story.

Cut to John Bankhead

This is a family oriented park and we wish we could stop these kinds of rallies. They have gotten out of hand since August 1, [2015] and we want it to stop. We tried to stop this but legally we couldn’t and we want to continue to serving the community and the state with all walks [of life]. All races are welcome to come here and enjoy what this park has to offer.

Cut to Gabriel Ramos

Stone Mountain Park will remain open to all visitors past the rally. Rock Stone Mountain currently does not have plans for upcoming rallies but will hold events in the future. Thanks for watching, Spiderman 3 is next on KSU classics. Have a good evening.



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